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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome:
The Exhibition in New York

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome rediscovered

Immerse yourself in a visually stunning spectacle that transports you back in time, leaving an indelible impression on your senses. From Julius Caesar’s bloody battles to the trials and triumphs of Ancient Rome, learn all about this dynamic empire accompanied by a free audio guide.
Ancient Rome rediscovered - Ancient Rome Exhibition NYC

Channel your inner gladiator

Original works of art included in the exhibit are from the second and third century A.C. Get ready to marvel at the weaponry, armor, civil and military machinery, and architectural masterpieces that shaped an empire and inspired generations.
Channel your inner gladiator - Ancient Rome Exhibition NYC

Unveiling secrets through artifacts

Take a step back in time to another world where the military of Ancient Rome were trained, disciplined and well-engineered for its time. With over 50 artifacts, some of them being interactive, you can be immersed in the foundations of this highly skilled and organized structure that was Ancient Rome!
Unveiling secrets through artifacts - Ancient Rome Exhibition NYC

General Info

  1. Date: Select your date/time in the ticket selector
  2. Duration: 20 – 50 minutes. We recommend using the free audio guide for a complete experience
  3. Location: 378 Broadway. The corner of Broadway and White St.
  4. Accesibility: The venue is ADA compliant
  5. Price: Ticket prices will start at $17.00 per person
  6. Age requirement: All ages are welcome
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Ancient Rome Exhibition NYC
Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Exhibit New York Location

The corner of Broadway and White St.

378 Broadway, New York City, NY. 10013
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Ancient Rome

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